Old School Networking

Making connections is essential for new and established businesses to grow. Our meetings are designed to help you connect, share skills and ideas and collaborate in an informal, but professional way, by networking locally. If you run a business (big or small), provide a trade or service or are a local craftsperson, why not pop along and connect with your local business and trades community.

Self-raising Bagels

The Bagel is designed to be a modern approach to giving out your details in a friendly and concise way. We can also help people and businesses to grow by facilitating connections. We love to share contacts, and the Bagel Directory has a growing set of very skilled members, from all walks of the business community.

Business Therapy

Sometimes, as a small business, it can feel quite lonely and isolating. Making connections and accessing support from professional services can assist growth, encourage diversification or just make you feel more confident about what you are doing.  

High on Google

Being listed on a good, local directory is a great referral link; it can help to give you that digital leg up on the Google ladder.

Do I have to have a Website to be part of “The Bagel”?

Some small traders operate on a small one-to-one basis and have no need for an expensive website, but merely want to come to make connections and share their details; The Bagel does just that. By being part of The Bagel Networking, you can also be featured on our directory for a monthly fee. Therefore, you will have an online presence without the need for a website.

Flexible working

Please note: We encourage a flexible working policy but we have no facilities for children. Sorry this is a no children networking event.

If you have any other questions please drop us a line.

The Bagel Team