The bagel directory is FREE to bagel attendees…

You are free to join our directory but you must attend at least 3 bagel breakfast meetings per year. Why not pop along to our next bagel to find out more.

  • We have amazing SEO and your business will soon start appearing high on the search engines
  • A wonderful reference for other trusted local businesses
  • Discounts for Bagel-to-Bagel members*
  • Help, advice and support to and from other members
  • No marketing, your details will only ever be used for bagel contacts

Once you subscribe to the bagel you receive your login and you can add your business listing immediately.

*As well as advertising, and commissioning benefits, all businesses listed on the directory agree to give a preferential business rate to other Bagel Members. This can be anything you decide between you but we recommend 10% off for other bagel members.

If you have any other questions please drop us a line.

For any pre-bagel enquiries please email us at:

Happy to help!

The Bagel Team