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Spiritual Thai

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Covering Croydon to New Cross; Norbury to Blackheath to Bromley. Offering home visiting service, United Kingdom

Spiritual Thai - Traditional floor-based Thai Massage - and Thai medicine

Any illness or unease results from some element/s of the body being out of balance. Holistic therapy redresses that balance. That could be tight, knotted muscle or fascia tissue, nerve-like pains or cramps. As well as providing relief from muscle soreness, your treatment can improve blood and Lymph circulation; Improve your sleep and increase energy levels.

Working on the basis of Thai Element Theory, in hygienic and relaxing surroundings, I apply traditional floor/mat-based Thai yoga-massage techniques with a focus on remedial work, in other words, mending you! Beginning with a no-fee consultation as part of the treatment to assess any injuries and ascertain my patient's requirements, my therapy is undertaken with my patient fully clothed, relaxed and calm. Using a combination of slowly applied stretches, tissue manipulation - often using oils, balms or herbal compresses - joint mobility movements and rocking techniques, all the while using my own bodyweight to apply pressure - NOT always harsh or deep! - by hand, forearms, foot, or elbow. I apply 'SEN' work which opens specific energy points along the body. This aids in shifting and eliminating toxins. Your treatment can be aimed at remedying these ailments or providing your body and mind with relaxing calmness. I work on many yoga teachers, dancers, cyclists, sports players, stressed parents, manual and office workers and other body therapists!

I also offer Neuromuscular Point-Release therapy for anxiety, sleep issues and improving mental focus - and assist with Thai medicinal remedies and dietary advice. I am most happy to discuss further details. with you.

Covering Croydon to New Cross; Norbury to Blackheath to Bromley. Offering home visiting service.

Treatment vouchers offered for pampering somebody else or yourself! Good Health to you!


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  1. J. Kaluza

    Paul treatment is amazing, he is very calm, passionate empath with dedication for serving people by using His extraordinary skills. His massage helped me to gain deep balance in my body and release pain I was experiencing. (Joanna Kaluza)


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