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Creative Website & Graphic Designer

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44 E Cecil Road, Wimbledon, United Kingdom SW191JT

Hi, I Jimm (Jim) Designer & Developer

I am a professional Designer & Developer with over 10 years commercial experience. My skills and experience cover a range platforms and mediums including : designing and building websites, graphic design for print, designing 2D games and Air applications, animation, illustration and creative direction. As a Freelancer I like to building strong work relationships.

Skills At A Glance :

Whether you are an individual, a small company, a publisher, an author, a web shop or an international corporation, I can tailor my services and creativity to suit your business needs. We can focus on the design requirements and growing your brand whilst you concentrate on your business ( or drinking a coffee ). Jimmsdesign is currently based in Wimbledon, London but works anywhere. Should you require more information I would be more than happy to talk on the phone or meet person to discuss your business needs. We can brainstorm, plan and develop and build your business together. You can view my design services here


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